You can move stuff from one area to another by using the copy and paste tool. As you won’t have to type out the text, it can save you a tonne of time. On an iPhone, the process for copying something is to find the text you want to copy, then, when you’re in the field you want to paste it into, hold down and choose paste.

The act of copying text usually goes smoothly, however there may not be a Paste option when it comes to pasting text. A black button should appear when you hold down, allowing you to paste the material. There is a problem that has to be fixed if the copy or paste button doesn’t appear.

Make sure the text has been copied if the paste option does appear but nothing pastes.

Why Can t I Copy and Paste on My iPhone?

You haven’t copied anything, which is why paste isn’t functioning. You must first copy the information in order to paste it, thus if you try to paste something and nothing happens, you probably didn’t copy anything. Even if you may have believed you did, nothing pasting suggests that you didn’t.

Your iPhone may contain flaws that prevent copy and paste from working. A bug happens when there is a flaw in the software’s mechanism, and this might make your iPhone behave erratically and unexpectedly. Copy and paste not working in this scenario is the unexpected problem that is happening on your device.

Another possible explanation for why it’s either not copying or pasting is that you copied and pasted the material wrong. Sometimes, even though you think you copied and pasted the text correctly, you didn’t.

You are unable to copy and paste because you are unaware of how to activate the copy and paste buttons. Once you’ve copied something, there is no way you can publish it if you can’t access the paste option.

1. The Content Isn t Pastable

You won’t be able to paste something you’ve copied if the app you’re using doesn’t support it. Only a few items, including text, can be copied and pasted using apps like WhatsApp.

You won’t be able to paste something you’ve copied if, for instance, the programme you’re trying to paste it on doesn’t accept GIF files. The fact that you can’t paste GIFs into WhatsApp may be the reason it’s not functioning for you.

2. You re Not Pasting It In A Text Field

You must be careful to paste objects in text fields and not just wherever on the pasteboard. If you attempt to paste content into a field that does not accept text, nothing will happen because you can only paste content into a text field.

If the option to paste doesn’t appear, you might be attempting to paste something to a recipient who doesn’t allow it. For instance, the text area on WhatsApp would be a nice spot to paste something.

3. Glitch Within The App Or Your iPhone

You’re going to run into issues if your iPhone or the app you’re attempting to use your clipboard on, which is probably WhatsApp, has a bug.

Your clipboard not working in this instance is the result of a bug, also known as a software issue, that occasionally affects iPhones.

When you long-press to copy something on your iPhone, you can notice that you get the failed to copy to clipboard error. This can be an indication that there is a software issue with the app on your device. Fortunately, software problems are simple to resolve, so your clipboard will once more function.

4. You Didn t Copy the Content

If you find that you can’t paste anything from your clipboard, it’s possible that you didn’t copy anything at all. You must have copied something in order to be able to paste stuff from your clipboard. Nothing will be able to be pasted if nothing was copied.

5. You ve Turned Off Your iPhone Since

Your iPhone’s clipboard is reset each time you turn it off, so whatever you copied will no longer be there. You must copy the item once again and paste it if you want the clipboard to function properly once more.

If you’ve copied something critical, wait to restart your device until you no longer care about the contents of the clipboard to avoid this issue.

6. It s Been a While Since You Copied To The Clipboard

It’s likely that if you copied something to your clipboard a while ago, it would have expired by the time you tried to paste it.

You could be startled that you can’t paste something even though you’re sure there are items on the clipboard since stuff in your clipboard don’t survive forever.

7. You ve Copied Too Much Content

A huge request and the inability to paste such a significant amount of text might occasionally cause the programme to crash if you copy too much content to your clipboard before attempting to paste it.

You must copy a manageable quantity of text at a time and paste it where it needs to be pasted to prevent this from happening.

Can t Copy and Paste in WhatsApp iPhone

It appears that a bug in WhatsApp is the root of the problem if you are unable to copy and paste in WhatsApp. You may occasionally be unable to copy or paste material due to issues with the app.

You can update the app, remove it and reinstall it, or restart your iPhone if you find that this is how it works for you.

How to Copy and Paste Properly on iPhone

To properly copy and paste:

  1. Go to the text or item you want to copy
  2. Tap to bring up the Edit menu
  3. Tap Copy
  4. Tap to bring up the edit menu
  5. Tap Copy again. This is going to make sure that you copied the text of the item properly. After you ve done this, go back to the place you wanted to paste the item.
  6. Tap on the screen > Click Paste. If the item didn t paste, go to the next step.

How to Fix Can t Copy And Paste on iPhone

If the copy and paste functions still don’t work after you’ve verified that you actually copied the text and that you know how to paste it correctly, there may be a bug in your iPhone or iPad that prevents things from pasting or prevents the copy and paste button from appearing. You’ll need to take several actions in this situation to fix the bug.

1. Restart your iPhone iPad

Restarting your iPhone should be your initial action. This will assist in eliminating any software issues that your iOS device may be having.

Although restarting your phone is a recognised troubleshooting technique and can be quite helpful, it may seem like a straightforward action to execute.

Restart your iPhone as follows:

  1. Hold the power button and the volume down button.
  2. Wait for the slider to come up
  3. Slide right to turn the device off
  4. Wait for 15 seconds for it to turn off
  5. Hold the power button to turn It back on the wait for the Apple logo to show up

Return to the spot where you wished to copy the text or item after turning it back on.

After that, check to see if it works where you pasted it.

Continue to the next step if it didn’t paste.

2. Hard Reset your iPhone

Hard resetting your iPhone is another option to consider when it stops copying and pasting. When you force a hard reset on your iPhone, the operating system will be refreshed, allowing you to fix any bugs that are preventing you from pasting content.

iPhone 6S or earlier hard reset:

  1. Hold the power button & home button together
  2. Do this for over 20 seconds

Unlocking the iPhone 7:

  1. Hold the power button and volume down button
  2. Do this for over 20 seconds

iPhone 8 or iPhone X hard reset versions:

  1. Quickly press & release the volume up button
  2. Press & release volume down button
  3. Then press & hold the home button or side button on iPhone X

This may cause 20 seconds to seem like an eternity. You should notice that your iPhone restarts once you’ve completed this. From this point, you should go back and copy the thing you wish to paste, then see if you can do so without any issues.

3. Use A Clipboard App

You can use a clipboard software like Paste if the built-in clipboard on your iPhone isn’t functioning.

4. Force Quit the App That The Clipboard Isn t Working On

Using the effective clipboard manager Paste, all of your copied data is immediately saved. You can subsequently access the history of your clippings and list them. View, modify, copy, and distribute their material. Keep text that you use frequently in Clipper and copy it as needed.

5. Update the App Causing the Issue

Force quitting the problematic app should be your first step if your iPhone’s clipboard isn’t functioning on it. You might be trying to copy content from another browser or from WhatsApp, Safari, Chrome, or another app. When you force close an app on your iPhone, it will be refreshed and restart when you open it again. When a specific programme is the cause of a problem, forcing the app to close sometimes fix minor issues.

There might be a bug in the programme that’s causing issues with the clipboard when you’re using an older version of the software. If there is an update for the app, any bugs in the older version should have been fixed in this update. App updates are created to provide new features and correct any bugs in the app.

6. Uninstall and Re-install the App

If there was a bug with the app you were using to copy and paste, updating the programme should have taken care of the issue. Reopen the updated app and check the clipboard’s functionality.

You’ll need to download and reinstall the app if an error is preventing the copy and paste feature from working. Redownloading the app may solve the problem because there may be an issue with the app itself. If you don’t have an account with the app, you will lose all the data it has stored when you do this.

  1. Hold the app and wait for the settings to show up.
  2. Tap on Delete then tap delete again to confirm.
  3. Go back to the App Store and download the app again

You shouldn’t be concerned about data deletion if you use an app like Whatsapp. If you wish to remove an application:

7. Update the Operating System

Return to the programme after a fresh download to check on the clipboard’s functionality. Continue to the next step if you are still unable to copy or paste.

The best technique to get rid of an issue after restarting your iPhone is to update your software. The primary purpose of releasing a software update is to fix a bug. If you’ve ever read the description of any kind of update, the word “bug fixes” will likely appear here.

The copy and paste functions most likely won’t function if you have a recent update available.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update (it ll check for an update)
  4. Click on install at the bottom

Operating system updates:

After downloading and installing the new update, your iPhone or iPad will now restart. After updating the device, you must repeat the process for the text or object you wanted to copy and paste.


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