Why Is Tinder Hot Takes Gone

1. Tinder Has Removed It For Whatever Reason

Owners of programmes are continuously updating them to increase functionality, add new features, and get rid of outdated ones.

Occasionally, testing conducted during the development process lead to these adjustments. They occasionally experiment to find what works best. The app may also need to have some relevant functionality temporarily removed when modifications are being made.

Whatever the case, one of the possible causes for the disappearance of Tinder’s hot takes feature is that the company purposely disabled it due to a technical issue. Additionally, it is always guaranteed to be restored after a very brief period of time unless they intend the change to be permanent.

Fix Wait For Them to Add the Feature Back

Actually, there is no immediate way to determine whether Tinder’s decision to remove Hot Takes was made on purpose. The best course of action in this situation is to wait and see whether the problem goes away on its own.

Give it a few hours, then try relaunching the app to see if Hot Takes is back.

2. Is it Possible You ve Got a Bug?

Fix Restart the App

Restarting the programme should be your first move after realising Hot Takes is missing. This is the quickest and most reliable method for resolving small application issues and errors.

Restarting the app

1. Log off Tinder

2. Remove current or background items by swiping it.

3. Check to see if the Hot Takes feature is back after waiting 30 seconds and opening the app once more.

Fix 2 Use Tinder on Your PC

This is a temporary workaround that we previously discussed, not necessarily a remedy.

Not only can you use Ctrl + F to find users more quickly while using Tinder on a computer, but the PC screen also shows more names per frame than the app, minimising the amount of scrolling required to find the person you’re looking for. This is possibly the reason the PC browser version lacks the Hot Takes feature.

Fix 3 Log Out and Log In and Check

Your login information is saved on Tinder servers when you connect into your Tinder account using the app, saving you from having to enter it each time you use the app.

Your account receives a token when you log in for the first time. This token contains data about your account, including information about your subscription (Tinder Standard, Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum, etc.), your preferences and settings, and other data.

In essence, the token controls which Tinder features you may access. There could be instances where this token becomes corrupt (from the servers of Tinder), in which case you lose access to even fundamental services like Hot Takes.

You only need to log out of your Tinder account and then log back in in such situation.

How to do it:

1. Click or tap the profile symbol in the top right corner of the display.

2. Click Settings from the left menu.

3. Choose Logout near the bottom of the screen as you continue to scroll down.

4. After that, confirm Tinder’s logout.

Fix 4 Clear the Cache Apps Cache

Your login information is saved so you don’t have to log in each time you use the Tinder app, as was described in the update above.

This information is kept in a memory called Cache. Cache keeps a lot of information about you and how you use apps so that you can access and utilise the app more quickly each time.

Tinder must load information from its cache memory when you launch the app. When Tinder launches or while you are currently using Tinder, errors like the Hot Takes feature not being available could result from corrupted cache memory.

You must use the following procedures to erase the Tinder app cache in order to fix this:

Google Android

1. Press and hold the Tinder app.

2. Click on App Info.

3. Choose “Clear Data”

4. Choose “Clear Cache.”

5. When requested, agree to clearing the cache.

On iOS

1. On your device, go to Settings

2. Choose General

Decide on iPhone Storage

4. Pick Tinder.

5. Choose the Offload app.

6. Verify your activity.

7. Click Reinstall application.

Fix 5 Update the App

We noted before in the piece that Tinder might alter the user interface of the application for some reason.

Another possibility is that Tinder has to release a patch in order to fix a coding fault or flaw that is preventing Hot Takes from working.

The patch needed to resolve the issue that’s keeping Hot Takes unavailable won’t be present in your Tinder app if the most recent updates aren’t installed. You only need to update the Tinder app using the instructions below to fix this.

1. Close the Tinder application and delete it from your recent apps.

2. Visit the Play Store or the App Store.

3. Do a search for Tinder, then pick it out of the results.

4. To update the app, tap update on the right side of the screen.

5. Relaunch the app to see if the problem has been resolved.

Fix 6 Reinstall Tinder

The Tinder app version on your smartphone may have developed a major flaw for which there is no current cure if the patches offered so far have not resolved the Hot Takes issue for you. You would then need to remove and reinstall the app.

Your matches, discussions, preferences, and settings are all stored on Tinder servers for your account and will be restored when you redownload the app and log in, so you don’t need to worry about losing them.

Just make sure you can access your recovery email or phone number or that you can recall your login information.

To update Tinder:

1. On your phone, long-press the Tinder application.

2. Depending on the OS of your device, choose Uninstall or Remove.

3. Verify that Tinder has been removed from your device.

4. Next, look up Tinder in the app store on your device and reinstall it.

5. Open Tinder, sign into your account, and see if the Hot Takes feature has been added back to the app.

Fix 7 Contact Tinder

The disappearance of the Hot Takes on Tinder is a rare and usually transient problem. It either resolves naturally or is fixed using one of the solutions described in this page.

If the problem continues for a while, it can be a unique issue that only Tinder can help you with. In that situation, you would need to get in touch with Tinder for assistance with the problem. You can contact Tinder by visiting the assistance page or on Twitter.

3. The Bummer Of Them All Tinder Is Down

The last conceivable explanation for why the Hot Takes feature is vanished from your Tinder app is that there may be a problem with the Tinder servers. Tinder depends on the availability of its servers to host its services and deliver them to you.

Those servers may occasionally be offline owing to a software coding fault, configuration problem, unanticipated shutdown, service outage, or any other issue.

You might not be able to identify the one if a problem affects the Hot Takes feature or the entire Tinder service, depending on the nature of the issue.

Whatever the situation, it is likely that Tinder is experiencing troubles with their services and has nothing to do with the Tinder app on your phone if you have tried all the options offered so far and Hot Takes still isn’t restored.

Fix Wait For Tinder Servers to Correct Itself

You may always check on websites and social media to see if the Hot Takes issue is genuinely related to Tinder, even if there is no instant way to know (it’s not like they send you notice of technical issues).

The best sign of this is whether other users of the Tinder app are also having trouble. In reality, even if the reported troubles on Tinder are not the same as yours, it is likely that a service outage on Tinder is having an impact on users in various places in different ways.

You may monitor the status of the following services for Tinder:

Additionally, Down Inspector offers feeds from Tinder’s Twitter account.

Additionally, Down Detector offers Twitter feeds for Tinder and user reports.

No Services

If there are any complaints of problems with the app or service, you may also check the Tinder Twitter feeds. If there are complaints, all you have to do is wait till Tinder fixes the problems and gets the Hot Takes feature back on the app.


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