Social media might appear to be quite open. One of its best features is that you have a lot of control over what social media shows you. You may select who you follow on social media, who you friend, and who you can remove from the platform when you no longer want them there. Snapchat is a social networking platform where you may send brief and private messages to your friends as well as publish videos. If you don’t want someone to view your post, it’s simple to delete it.

People are simple to remove, therefore you run the risk of accidentally deleting them. If you do, it’s not difficult to locate them on Snapchat, especially if you know their name.

Can You See Who You ve Unadded on Snapchat?

Using the friends list and a username search on Snapchat, you can find out who you’ve un-added. When you remove someone from Snapchat, their profile isn’t permanently wiped; you may still locate them and add them back. If someone has blocked you on Snapchat, it is only then that it is hard to locate them; otherwise, it is simple to locate their profile once more and add them as a friend. In certain cases, they may already be there; you just need to hunt them up using their username or the contacts feature.

Finding Removed Friends On Snapchat

There are several ways to locate removed Snapchat buddies. Even when you remove someone from Snapchat, you may still quickly find them again by using a number of different techniques.

1. Look in your Friends List

One of the best features of Snapchat is that recently deleted buddies will temporarily remain on your friends list. If it was a recent occurrence and you can’t recall your friend’s new username after you erased it, check your friends list. How to check your friends list is shown below.

Start the Snapchat application. The yellow Snapchat app symbol has a tiny white ghost in the centre. You’ll be on the Camera screen when you initially launch the application.

2. Your user profile is located in the left top corner of the Camera screen. If you have a Bitmoji, you will see it; otherwise, you will only see a person’s grey outline. You’ll be directed to a different screen if you tap that icon.

3. A bitmoji will be seen at the top of the following screen. You’ll see a couple other headers below that. Search for the “Friends” heading. You may access your friends list by clicking the My Friends link under the Friends banner.

4. You can now see who you are following and whether they are also following you. They will have a + sign to the right of their name that you can tap if you recently erased them. This will re-add them to your list of friends.

2. Using their username

Because Snapchat doesn’t provide a menu for deleted friends, one way to check if you deleted a buddy is to search for their username. There is a search field where you can enter your friend’s username at the top of the camera screen you see when you first launch Snapchat. When they appear, you can add them if there is a plus symbol to the right of their name. You erased them if you had the option to add them. This is a wonderful technique to determine if you eliminated them due to a straightforward deduction.

3. Use your Contacts

You may view your deleted buddies in your contacts as well. When you utilise your contacts to see who you can add, if they appear in the add friends box, you know you erased them. How to check your contacts to see who you erased is shown below.

1. Open the Snapchat application. The Snapchat app symbol looks like a small white ghost in the centre of a yellow square. You’ll be on the camera screen as soon as you launch the app.

2. Next, select your profile symbol by clicking it in the camera screen’s upper left corner.

3. Select the Add Friends option from the new menu.

4. When you select the Add Friends option, a list of people from Quick Add will be presented to you. However, in the upper right corner of that list, you’ll notice the All Contacts option. Touch that.

5. After tapping on that, you can give Snapchat access to your contacts so you can see every buddy you have. If they appear, you can add them from your contacts. If your friend appears on that list, you have erased them.

Fortunately, all of these messages allow you to view who you erased, allowing you to quickly add your pals back.

4. Search For Their Name

You can look for this individual again by searching for their user name on Snapchat if you can recall their name. To add friends, open Snapchat and select the button in the upper right corner. From here, search for their username. As you begin to type in their name, people that you have added to your Snapchat account should show up. Once you’ve typed enough, even if you’ve removed them, this individual should still appear. They won’t show up if you don’t write enough of their username, and you won’t be able to add them again. If you type it out enough times, you’ll find that you can add them and find their account again.

5. Using Snapcode

You can scan it once again to locate their Snapchat account if you know their Snapchat code. A Snapcode is a unique image type that you can scan with Snapchat to carry out various tasks. You can email and scan Snapcodes to add new friends who have previously been unadded. You can scan the snapcode to re-add someone if you have access to their snapcode, perhaps through one of their other social media accounts.

6. Look For Screenshots In Camera Roll/Gallery

Typically, before adding someone, you either screenshot their snapcode or save a copy to your camera roll or gallery so you can later scan it. Even when you meet someone while you’re out and about without access to the internet, you could screenshot their username because you can’t immediately add it to your account. You must now access your camera roll and search for this screenshot. In order to add them back if you removed them, open Snapchat again and scan the code.

7. Look Through Your Contacts

You can add persons who are already in your contacts on Snapchat using a function. As a result, if you were close to someone you had removed, you could locate them and put them back using contacts. If you already removed someone from your contact list, add them back in. You can add them back if the account they used matches the one you have in your camera roll.

  1. Tap the Profile icon at the top to go to your Profile.
  2. Tap Add Friends
  3. Tap All Contacts
  4. Tap + Add to add them as a friend

8. Check Quick Add

People who you’ve unadded from Snapchat occasionally appear in the fast add section. From this point on, you can add them back. Only if they consented to being found on fast add are they discoverable here. Similar to Facebook’s People You May Know tool, Snapchat’s Quick Add option suggests persons to you based on your shared friends, interests, or other criteria. Snapchat is aware that you previously added this person as a friend and that you might be interested in doing so once more. They’ll show them to you in this case so you can add them. Quick Add might show up when you utilise Search, the Add Friends screen, or the Chat screen. To add friends you’ve previously unadded, tap Add.

9. Look Through Old Group Chats

People you’ve deleted from Snapchat may still be present in old group chats. If you’ve participated in numerous large group conversations, you might find individuals there who you previously deleted but can now be added back. Go to your conversations and enter each group chat you’re a part of to see who you’ve deleted. From here, you must search for individuals who have been removed as friends. Check if you can view their snapscore if you want to be sure you’re no longer pals. Add them again if you can’t see their snapscore and you believe you may have previously de-added them.

10. Post A Story

You can create a story on Snapchat to search for other users if you want to find someone you removed from the app. If your account is public and you still see Other Snapchatters in your tale watchers when you scroll all the way to the bottom, it signifies that there are still individuals who see your stories even though you haven’t added them back. It’s probably someone you had as a buddy in the past but cut ties with. From this point, you can click on their name to re-add them.

11. Look Through Your Blocked List

You might have blocked someone instead of removing them. Look through your blocked list to locate any Snapchat pals that have been deleted. If you’ve tried all the ways listed above and still can’t locate them, you’ve probably blocked them. Return to this list and click the x to unlock them. Once you’ve made up your mind, go back to the “add friends” box and type in their username.


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