Some users want to spread out their postings so that they look like a tale with sections numbered one and two, etc. Users who attempted to view part two of a multi-post video have reported being perplexed. This article will go over every option for finding and watching the second half of a TikTok video in great detail.

How To View Part 2 Of A TikTok Video

1. Use The Just Watched Menu

The location of a video that contains a part two can be found by using the Just Watched option on the TikTok For You Page. You must first watch the video on your For You Page before going to the user’s profile who posted it in order to accomplish this.

Click Just Watched in the lower right corner of the screen after that. On your For You Page, this will automatically scroll you to the video you recently viewed. Part two of the video series will normally be posted by the user right after that one.

2. Use The Video Highlight Menu

Additionally, you may use the Video Highlight menu to have the second half of a recently watched TikTok video automatically suggested to you. You must first watch the video on your For You Page before going to the Video Highlight menu in order to accomplish this.

Choose Just Watched from the Video Highlight menu. If there is a part two to the video you just saw, it will instantly load up.

3. Look For Part Two In The Comments

In the comments section of part one of their video series, many TikTok users publish the second instalment. If part two has been posted by the original poster for users to view in the comments, you should check the comments.

The original poster of a TikTok video will frequently pin Part Two to the top of the comments.

4. Check Their Playlist For Part 2

The creator of the video most likely created a playlist with all of the episodes. By going to the user’s account and opening their playlist menu, you can access their public playlists.

You can watch the entire TikTok video series that the user has added to the playlist there. Without having to go through the Just Watched feature, this is a terrific way to see every episode of a TikTok video series in one location.

Remember that only the TikTok videos that the user adds to the playlist will be available for viewing. You will need to utilise another way on this list if part two isn’t accessible there.

5. Ask The Creator To Upload Part 2

You can think about contacting the original poster of a TikTok video series if it has been some time since they released the second video and requesting them to do so.

This can help you determine a more accurate timeframe for the upload of part two. Due to the volume of messages and user interactions larger TikTok accounts receive, it could take longer to obtain a response.

6. Part 2 Is Not Available On TikTok

Posters on TikTok frequently forget to add Part 2 of their video series to the platform. Usually, the goal is to increase traffic to another social media or video platform.

Users are frequently advised by the original poster to exit the TikTok programme in order to view the whole video by notifying them that part two of the film will be posted elsewhere. The web traffic brought on by posting films like this helps TikTok content creators establish their brand and increase app usage.

Can t View Part 2 Of A TikTok Video? Try This

Consider utilising any of the troubleshooting techniques listed below to assist solve your problem if you are seeing some sort of error that prevents you from correctly viewing part 2 of TikTok videos.

1. Wait For Part Two To Be Released

The user’s TikTok video series’ second instalment might not be posted right away. If so, the only thing you can do in the interim is wait for the footage to be made public.

For updates on the posting status, you want to think about following the person. You will receive a notification as soon as part two is available. Remember that some TikTok films may not include a second half that is uploaded to the app, but rather a second part that is uploaded to a different site, such as YouTube.

2. Wait For TikTok Servers To Resolve

If the TikTok servers are now unavailable, your only option is to wait for the problem to be fixed. Outages on the TikTok servers are uncommon and normally only occur during brief intervals of necessary maintenance.

Despite this, server overloads and crashes remain a possibility. For further information about any on-going server outages or scheduled maintenance, keep an eye on TikTok’s website or social media accounts.

3. Fix Your Internet Connection

You may encounter difficulties attempting to utilise the network services on TikTok like publishing and watching videos if your internet connection is unstable. Consider rebooting your router to resolve internet problems, or speak with your internet service provider to learn more about your outage.

4. Restart the TikTok App

The TikTok application can be restarted to resolve the majority of common problems. Run-time problems, flaws, and glitches can occasionally occur while the application is in use and briefly impair its operation.

When this occurs, restarting the computer can assist in promoting the resolution of these difficulties and starting the application from scratch. This is a good fix for a lot of issues users have with the TikTok app, such as the inability to view or post videos.

5. Log In And Out

Your story feed may refresh to reflect more accurate information if you log in and out of the TikTok application. Like any other programme, the TikTok app occasionally hangs as a result of flaws and problems. These can prevent your story feed from updating properly.

Refreshing your account’s log-in and log-out pages will fix any bugs and update your story feed. Any hidden stories that were hidden due to an application error will again become public.

6. Contact TikTok Support

You should think about contacting TikTok support if you are having ongoing problems with the TikTok programme or with your ability to view or publish videos so they can look into your problem further.

Since Samsung support is likely to recommend many of the troubleshooting techniques on this list, you should only think about doing this after trying every other option.

Through the app or their website, you can get in touch with TikTok Support. You may find comprehensive instructions on how to report your issue there. You must first give a thorough description of your issue so that a member of TikTok Technical Support can look into it.

The TikTok Support team will walk you through any troubleshooting steps you might have overlooked and provide thorough recommendations on how to effectively resolve your problem.

Due to how difficult it may be to deal with customer service over the phone, this strategy calls for some patience. You may be confident that TikTok Support will use every effort to get your application up and running smoothly.

Final Thoughts

You now have all the knowledge you require to properly find and watch part two of a TikTok tale. This guide’s troubleshooting techniques can be used to assist you find a solution if you are having problems viewing stories because of a bug or an application fault.

Finding a video series on TikTok that you like but not being able to access part two might be irritating. With the aid of this tutorial, you can make sure that you can always find and watch all the episodes of a video series on the TikTok app that you’re interested in.


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