How many Facebook messages do you believe you have with your friends? the most widely used messaging app. Two-hundred? You and someone else on Facebook can have thousands of messages. Believe it or not, you can find that precise amount if you’ve ever wondered.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to look around a bit. The quantity of communications you had with someone used to be very simple to find. All you had to do was open Messenger, quickly scroll to the top, and there it was—the button that said “Loading xxxx messages.” That has subsequently altered, though. Instead, you’ll search for it using the developer tools in your browser.

Can You Count How Many Messages on Messenger

Before Facebook became well-known and acquired WhatsApp and other social media sites like Instagram, there was a time when you could tell how many conversations you had with someone by just scrolling up in the chat and seeing a notification that read, “Loading xxx messages.” The Facebook app for mobile devices did not have this feature, which was only available on desktop.

This will serve as a messenger message counter without requiring you to physically scroll up and count each message, showing you how far you were from the first message you had ever sent to them. Unfortunately, as time goes on, things change, new features are added, and this was just one of them.

This won’t happen if you log into Facebook using a web browser and attempt to scroll quickly up to check whether you’ll see the Loading xxx messages feature that counts how many messages you have. Today, Messenger has a standalone app of its own, although it is devoid of this function.

If you open Messenger and quickly scroll up to see if the counter displays the number of messages you have, all you will see is an arrow pointing down next to the text field. If you tap this icon, you will be taken to your most recent message with them rather than learning the total number of messages you have exchanged.

With that said, it is no longer feasible to utilise your mobile device or desktop’s Facebook or Messenger apps to count the amount of messages without scrolling and doing so manually. You may nevertheless determine how many communications you have with someone using programmes and resources that are not owned by Facebook.

How to Know How Many Messages in Messenger

As a result, there is no longer a simple option. You must have access to your browser’s developer tools in order to view the number of messages you have left with someone on the Facebook messenger network. Even while that is rather simple on its own, you’ll also require React Developer Tools.

1. Using Developer Tools in Chrome

The React tab, an addition to the free React JavaScript library, is accessible through React Developer Tools. It’s just a game of hide-and-seek; there’s no need to tinker with anything or write any code. And just so you know, this is being done using Google Chrome on a computer.

What you should do is:

Locate and open Google Chrome first. Proceed to the Chrome Web Store after that.

2. Type “React Developer Tools” into the page’s top-left search field. Facebook reportedly offers it.

3. To instal, clickAdd to Chromeon the right-hand side. A pop-up window will appear once you click it and ask you to confirm. select “Add Extension”

4. Launch Google Chrome again.

5. If you haven’t already, go to Facebook’s home page and check in using your Facebook credentials.

6. Press the Messenger button in the top-right corner. It will enlarge to show the most recent messages. Go to the drop-down menu’s bottom and select “See All in Messenger.”

7. Click the conversation you wish to use to calculate the number of messages on the left-hand side.

8. Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your browser window to access the Developer Tools by selecting Customize and control Google Chrome. Hover your mouse over “More Tools” in the drop-down menu, then choose “Developer Tools.”

Note:An alternative is to hit CTRL + SHIFT + I all at once.

9. Click on theComponentstab in the Developer Tools’ upper-right corner.

10. Locate MessengerDetailView using the Search box rather than by eye.

11. Your Developer window has now been divided into two windows and a scroll bar separates them. Take a look out the right window. Click the tiny arrow to the left of “activeThread” under “State.” This will result in more lines of code.

12. Find message count by scrolling down. It won’t be difficult to find because it is in alphabetical order. You can then read the value after doing so. That represents how many messages you have sent to that specific person.

2. Messenger Message Counter Python Script

You may track various statistics including the number of your Facebook Messenger messages with the Python software “Messenger Counter.” You must first download your Facebook messages in JSON format straight from Facebook before using this app.

You must download your message data in order to execute the script and perform the desired queries if you want to utilise the Python Messenger Counter script without having to scroll up in a discussion to count the messages. You can get your messages in JSON format from Facebook using the Download Data tool. From there, you may use the script to perform any kind of search you like.

To download Facebook Messenger messages:

Pick the profile icon in step 1.

2. Select Settings > Your Facebook Info. Save a copy of your data to your computer > Deselect everything, then check the box next to “Messages” and click the Create File button in the upper right corner.

3. After you get the email with the download link for your data.

4. Click the messeges.json file after downloading the zip file.

Python script execution:

To run the script on the downloaded JSON file, open a CLI on your desktop, such as Command Prompt. You can paste the individual scripts listed below into Command Prompt along with the name of the JSON zip file to count your messages or perform other actions.

If you’re unclear of the script to use, run Python -m mc stats. This will allow you to tally how many messages you have with each person on the list below. JohnDoe This will display statistics such as the number of messages you’ve sent and received during particular chats. You simply need to copy and paste the discussion where “JohnDoe” appears to whatever you see at the top of the conversation you have with them, which is typically a name but will be the group chat’s name if it is one.

  1. Count your messages using (insert path for your .zip file)
python -m mc count ""
  1. Add flag --chars or -c to count characters (optional)
python -m mc count -c ""
  1. Use following commands for different statistics (examples below)
python -m mc [-h] command [options]

offered commands are:

  • count [-c] file Counts all messages/characters and saves to messages.json or messages_chars.json file.
  • stats [-c] [converstion] Displays statistics for counted messages. You can specify conversation for detailed statistics and use -c for character statistics.
  • user name Detailed statistics for specific person
  • yearly file [conversation] Number of messages per year. (please specify path to .zip file as for counting messages) You can specify conversation for more precise statistics.
  • daily [-d DIFF] file [conversation] Number of messages daily. (use -d or --difference flag to time shift by some number of hours and show statistics differently)
  • hours [-d DIFF] file [conversation] Average number of messages by hour throughout the day. (additional options as above)


Display overall data for all chats.

python -m mc stats

statistics for a certain conversation’s messages (If you use the preceding example, you can list every chat.)

python -m mc stats JohnDoe

The only part of the chat name you can enter into the programme is the beginning. The first instance that matches will be returned. (Exactly the same as the prior example)

python -m mc stats Joh

displays the sender’s message volume broken down by discussion.

python -m mc user "John Doe"

displays your average number of messages sent and received, grouped by time of day.

python -m mc daily ""

Identical as the previous one, but with only one dialogue.

python -m mc daily "" John

Use of a basic module:

Start now:

import MessengerCounter as mc
mc.set_source('') # insert path for your .zip file
data = mc.get_data()

3. Use A Messages App That Counts Messages

You can use an app like Mauf to interact with your pals instead of utilising Messenger. You can make and view chats in chat and individual mode with Mauf. You can use it for group chat as well as text and multimedia messaging with your friends. Additionally, you may send voice messages, emoticons, GIFs, movies, and images.

Unlike Messenger, Mauf lets you view the number of messages you have exchanged with a certain friend without having to scroll up and count them. Download the Maufs apk here.

To obtain and set up apps from a source other than the app store:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android
  2. Go to Apps > Unknown sources. This will allows you to accept softwares installed from external sources.
  3. Open the downloaded apk file and install

4. Count The Messages

You can browse to the top and manually count how many messages you have with someone if the worst happens and nothing works for you or if you are aware that you don’t have that many communications with them. As a result, you’ll be able to rapidly and properly determine the number of messages that have been sent without the need for a tool. The drawback of trying to accomplish this is that it will take forever to count when you have a lot of communications with someone. You can also make an estimation of the number of texts you have exchanged with one another. If you can estimate how many messages each of you send to the other on average each day after conversing for a certain number of days, you can multiply that amount by the number of days you’ve been speaking and get a good estimate.

5. Ask Them To Count It

You can ask them to count the messages if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Giving them a motivational factor as to why they should count it can increase its value in their eyes; a reward such as cash should work. You could also pay someone from Upwork to go through your Messenger chats and count how many messages you’ve sent and received for you for a very low price if you don’t want them to know why you want them to count them.

How to See How Many Messages You Have In General

You can easily count the number of discussions you have if you want to check how many messages you have overall on Facebook. The best technique to determine how many messages you have is in this way. The drawback of this is that it will be difficult to count all of your Facebook messages if you have a large number of them. However, if you only have a few mails, everything should be OK.

Bottom Line

The previous method of determining the amount of messages had a drawback even if it was apparently simpler. First, if you wanted a glance, you had to quickly scroll to the top of your messages. And last, it didn’t consider the messages you scrolled past. In the end, you received a rough estimate rather than the precise figure your Developer Tools can provide.

This approach is far superior and doesn’t necessitate using a complicated workaround. Additionally, your account information isn’t put at danger by being prompted to pay for a service or instal dubious software. It only requires a quick dive into the code.


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