Sending your movies to friends, using popular noises, and utilising a variety of hashtags are all effective techniques to increase the number of views on your post. You might also believe that by repeatedly watching your videos to increase the number of views, you can game the system.

Does TikTok Count Your Own Views

Unfortunately, TikTok does not take into account your own video views. Your account may continue to display “zero views” even after you post anything and return to watch it a few times to check that everything is correct.

You can still engage with your own films in a variety of ways, such as by like, commenting on, and answering other people’s remarks.

What Counts as a View on TikTok

TikTok makes it very simple, in contrast to many other platforms that have more rules and prerequisites in order for things to actually happen. A view on TikTok is simply someone watching your video.

A view counts towards your TikTok as soon as the video starts to play. A view is recorded whether or not a user viewed the entire video if they watched it through the app and have an account.

TikTok does not have a minimum amount of time that a video must be viewed for a view to count, in contrast to applications like Instagram and Youtube. As a result, you start receiving views as soon as the video begins playing for another user’s TikTok account.

Tiktok Video Views Count

You only need to launch the app and click on your Profile at the bottom right to see how many views your TikTok has. You can now view every video you’ve ever posted, and each one has a play icon in the lower left-hand corner.

The quantity next to this icon will let you know how many views each of your TikTok videos has received. Remember that only people who are following you will be able to view your videos if you have a private profile, which may result in a little decline in views.

Additionally, if you set a particular video to Friends Only, only individuals who follow you and who follow you back can view it, resulting in another another decrease in the number of people who can access your content.

If You Do Not Have a TikTok Account Does Your View Count

Your view will not be recorded if you are not logged into your account or if you do not have an account at all. Having an account and being logged in is the only need to raise someone’s views.

If you are using the app or the website, you might have noticed that no matter how many times you watch a video, the views do not grow.

Additionally, since the video must be seen through TikTok, it won’t get more views if you access TikTok using other video platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, or Youtube.

Does TikTok Count Instagram Views

The number of views will be increased if you watch a TikTok through an Instagram direct message that someone has sent you. A TikTok account must be watching the video for a view to be recorded. When you click on a link sent to you by someone, Instagram launches the TikTok app, and the video is viewed from your TikTok account, thus it counts as a view.

Instead, Instagram includes a separate video function called Reels. This also keeps track of views, so whenever you are viewing, the Reel count on the Instagram app will be raised instead.

How Does Tiktok Count Views

If someone is watching your video through another TikTok account, the app, or the website, TikTok counts views as soon as the video starts playing.

Additionally, videos begin playing as soon as the app or website is opened, so TikTok counts views without your involvement. However, you may perform searches for certain individuals and videos, which TikTok needs in order to log a watch.

If not, videos will show up on your For You Page, which TikTok creates depending on the users you follow, the posts you like, and the hashtags you use.

With the use of all this data, TikTok’s algorithm will automatically select films it believes you’ll like, and as you scroll and watch them, each video you reach is a view for the artist.

Does Tiktok Count Repeat Views

Your view count will rise if people simply adore your TikTok or if it takes them a few tries to attempt and fully understand it. This is due to the fact that each time your movie is replayed, another view is tallied.

Every time your content restarts, another view is recorded. For example, if someone were to unintentionally leave their cellphone unlocked while making a quick snack to fuel their TikTok scrolling.

Making shorter TikTok videos, according to many big producers and people who research how to promote engagement on videos, will grow your account because it is simpler to replay an eight-second video a few times than it is a three-minute one.

So, the number of times a video has been viewed in total does not necessarily indicate how many different people have viewed it.

Does Rewatching a Video Count as a View on TikTok

Each time you choose to watch a video again, it will be counted as another view. Every time you return to a terrific recipe video that you have watched is a new perspective, if you have to do so whenever you start to crave that meal again.

Each rewatch will count as an additional view, regardless of how much time elapses between them—a whole year or even three minutes. Rewatching has the same effect as repeat viewing in terms of increasing views.

However, sometimes authors are more aware of this because they can see that their older post received more views if you go back and watch a video they posted in the past. They don’t know who is viewing the post, but they have now learned that their video has been watched once more.

Rewatches do count as additional views, but keep in mind that your overall views count represents the number of views your video has received rather than the number of unique viewers it has reached.

How Long Do You Have to Watch a TikTok Video for it to Count as a View

Those of you who use this time may be concerned that your views will drop now that TikTok has a new ten minute function available.

This won’t be the case, though, as TikTok starts counting views as soon as the video begins to play. A view is added the moment the video begins playing for someone, regardless of whether your TikTok appears on someone’s For You Page, accounts are browsing through your videos, or your post is being noticed using the hashtag you added.

This implies that your video need not be finished in order to receive views. A view will be recorded as soon as your video starts playing, whether it is a ten minute documentary or a little three second clip.


Anyone who enjoys creating films and having fun online can use TikTok to their fullest potential. You can gauge the size of any audience you are reaching by looking at the number of views you obtain.

So keep in mind that just because a video has received more than 500 views, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that more than 500 people have viewed it. One person may have viewed this post more than 500 times, or it may be 100 people who have read it five times.

To the contrary, the more views you do get, the more likely it is that your post will show up on more For You Pages and earn more engagement from other users.

Keep these things in mind to help you better grasp how TikTok works if you have any issues about how views operate on your page or what counts and what doesn’t.


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