When you learn that your DoorDash driver account has been cancelled, it is naturally very disappointing. And it gets worse if you have no idea why this occurred.

When this occurs, it makes sense that your first thought would be to see whether you can either register a new driver account or have your existing one activated so you can continue to make money with DoorDash.

However, if your current DoorDash account has been cancelled, can you register a new one? Before we respond to this query, we think it’s crucial to clarify the following reasons why your DoorDash driver account might be terminated:

  • It will help you to avoid having it happen again in the future
  • It will help you understand what options are available to you for having a new account created or having the old one reactivated where applicable.

Can You Make Another DoorDash Account After Being Deactivated?

If your current account has been deactivated, you can establish a new DoorDash driver account. You can only appeal to have your DoorDash account reinstated, as we previously said, if it was cancelled due to the relevant infractions. Account deletion is typically permanent.

Therefore, in many cases, the only way for you to return to the platform and resume earning is by opening a new DoorDash account. Before you may successfully open a new DoorDash account using the same legal identity, there are a few requirements that must be satisfied. You may find all the information you require here.

How to Make Another DoorDash Account After Being Deactivated

It’s really easy and simple to open a new DoorDash account. We advise against using any third-party services, programmes, or businesses while trying to open a new DoorDash account.

In the event that your current DoorDash account has been deactivated, adhere to the instructions below to create a new one.

Use A Different Phone Number: You must enter a phone number when setting up a DoorDash account. This code will serve as one of your special identifications.

If you read the DoorDash restrictions above, you may recall that you are not permitted to use the same phone number for more than one account.

A deactivated account is the same. You cannot make a new account using the same phone number as the one that was cancelled.

Instead, you should dial a different number. Make sure you have access to the new phone number you will be using, though.

This is because the phone number you provide at registration will be used as both your contact number and the initial code verification. Customers will therefore call your registered phone number to get in touch with you.

Use A Different Email Address: Using the same email address as the account that was banned is prohibited, just as using the same phone number. The idea is straightforward: primary keys are a type of data element found in databases. No two distinct accounts can have these information combinations.

An other key ley or distinctive identification is your email address. As a result, if you attempt to use the previous email address again, it will be refused and you will be informed that it is already in use. Repeatedly using the same email could result in your device’s IP address being completely blocked from using DoorDash.

Use a Different Zip Code and Home/Contact Address: Another thing you should do is make sure you use a different zip code and home/contact address than you did on your banned account.

Another distinctive identification that cannot be replicated or used for different accounts is the zip code and address combination.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to get to the address. As you are probably aware, DoorDash will send you a box; therefore, in order to pick up the package in person or have it delivered to you, you must have access to the address.

When setting up a new DoorDash driver account, you need to change these 3 details.

Repeat the following information:

  • Full Name you can use the same full name that you used on the banned account. The reason, as much as we know, is that several people can bear the same name and surname, and there is no way to tell who s who.
  • Social Security Number No two people can have the same social security number so it is strange that you can use the same Social Security Number that you used on the former account. But, as at the time of writing this article, you can indeed use the same SSN twice.

It’s possible that DoorDash does not store the SSN in their database and simply utilises it to see whether your name matches your SSN to check for banned accounts.

  • Driver s Licence this is another strange one but you sure can use the same driver s licence that you used on the former DoorDash account. But then again, it is not so strange. Most platforms use driver s licence as a means to authenticate the full name that you provided. So, as long as the full name you provide matches that on the driver s licence, you should be good to go.
  • Phone DoorDash does not monitor the phone that you are using. As long as you are using a new phone number for registration, it is okay to use the same mobile phone. Also, the new phone number does not need to be on the phone that you are using for DoorDash.

You must delete the cache on your DoorDash app before beginning a new registration if your account has been deactivated. If you fail to do this, the app will continue to save part of the data from your banned account, and you will be unable to add new information.

The cache merely serves as a short-term memory for user and application data. Follow these steps to clear the cache:

Google Android

Start by deleting the DoorDash app from your recent apps.

2. Keep the DoorDash app long-pressed.

3. Click on App Info.

4. Choose “Clear Data”

5. Choose “Clear Cache.”

6. When requested, agree to clearing the cache.

On iOS

Start by deleting the DoorDash app from your recent apps.

2. On your device, go to Settings

3. Choose General

Decide on iPhone Storage

5. Decide on DoorDash.

6. Choose the app Offload.

7. Verify your activity.

8. Click Reinstall application.

Following the above instructions, launch the app after clearing the cache and select Sign-Up to establish a new DoorDash driver account.

If you are still having trouble entering your information, you can remove the DoorDash dasher software entirely and reinstall it. How to do it:

On iOS or Android:

1. On your phone, press and hold the DoorDash app. Choose Uninstall for Android or Remove App for iOS from the menu that appears.

2. Confirm the app removal.

3. Redownload the software by returning to your Play Store or App Store.

The end of that. Now that your account has been registered, you can resume using the site to make money as a DoorDash driver.

Why Is My DoorDash Account Deactivated?

Many drivers claim that their DoorDash accounts have been indefinitely cancelled. Some claim that when they contact DoorDash for help, all they ever hear is that they have broken one of the conditions of service.

The following are the primary reasons, according to DoorDash, why your DoorDash driver or dasher account can be deactivated:

1. Recurringly low ratings As a driver, you are well aware that customers evaluate your work after each delivery you make.

According to DoorDash, you run the risk of receiving consistently negative reviews from customers if you are frequently late, deliver orders with missing items, or act improperly toward customers.

Additionally, as long as you have accepted at least 20 orders, your account may be deactivated if your ratings drop below the DoorDash cutoff of 4.2.

2. Failure to fulfil orders You have the option to accept or reject any order that is given to you as a driver. Rejecting orders is not subject to any penalties.

On the other hand, if you accept an order and pick it up, you must make an effort to deliver the order. It is known as the Completion Rate. Your account may be deleted if your completion rate drops below 80%.

3. Behavioral problems The following are behavioural issues that DoorDash dislikes:

4. Physical violence and foul language. This includes misbehaviour that is violent or verbal against a customer, a business, another driver, or even a random member of the public.

5. Operating a delivery vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

6. Discrimination against customers, merchants, other drivers, and DoorDash employees on the basis of gender, race, colour, sexual orientation, age, occupation, or any other legally recognised factor.

You might also need to know what sexual harassment means to DoorDash. Here is a list of them:

  • Unwanted flirting and sexual advances
  • Retaliation or threat of retaliation after a negative response to sexual advances
  • Visual misconduct like leering, making sexual gestures, or displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons, posters, or messages
  • Verbal misconduct like making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, or sexually explicit jokes; comments about an individual s body or dress; sexually degrading words; graphic comments; and suggestive or obscene requests, messages, or invitations
  • Physical misconduct such as touching, assault, impeding or blocking movements.

7. Dangerous driving. This includes using navigation programmes carelessly, texting while driving, and without stopping to check out or accept a delivery offer.

If you are in an accident, DoorDash will investigate the circumstances and, if you are found to be at fault, cancel your account.

8. Breaking any type of municipal, state, or federal laws. Additionally, failing to check customer ID for orders that are subject to age restrictions, theft of items that are supposed to be delivered, damage to or theft of any third-party property, and using DoorDash for any illegal activity are all prohibited.

9. If you already have access to DoorDash services, your account will be deleted if a background check reveals information about you that does not satisfy DoorDash standards.

10. Sharing personal information with a third party or disclosing it online unless allowed by law

11. Abusing the Dasher referral scheme, the Dasher paid promotion programme, or other like programmes

12. Giving false information when registering to become a DoorDash driver, creating multiple accounts, using the same phone number as an account that is already active, and providing inaccurate information regarding the mode of transportation you intend to use to carry out delivery duties are just a few examples of other violations.

13. Making alterations to deliveries and not delivering food in insulated hot bags

14. Declaring a delivery as finished even when you didn’t finish it

Your DoorDash driver account may be cancelled as a result of these primary circumstances. You unfortunately won’t likely receive any warning before your account is cancelled, other from Rating and Completion Rate.

Finding out what you may have done incorrectly is frequently made difficult by this. You will just get told in-app that your account has been deactivated, followed by an email that is rarely ever detailed.

That is why we have provided the above list to help you narrow down possible reasons why your account may have been deactivated and then avoid them in the future.

But it also helps you understand which of the possible reasons may allow you to get your banned account reactivated.

According to DoorDash, you will be able to appeal your account deactivation. However, this review will only apply to deactivations that were based on violations of your contractor agreement such as abuse, fraud, or violating the safety of the platform.

Any other violation, especially those based on customer ratings and completion rates, will not be open to review.


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