Unfortunately, there is no way to tell when a user is actually using Messenger rather than just using Facebook to browse. Sending them a message and watching to see if they respond or see it right away is one technique to help you let them know, though.

When logged into their account, the green dot will appear next to their profile picture. In essence, this shows that the person is now engaged. Although it is obvious that this demonstrates that the person is currently logged into Facebook, it does not automatically imply that the person is conversing.

As a result, after seeing the green dot on Messenger, you can text that person there, though you might not hear back from them. It’s not on purpose that the other person is ignoring you. As an alternative, it’s possible that the person is exploring the Facebook app and not utilising Facebook Messenger.

1. Checking Their Active Status

A simple and practical way to communicate with family and friends is through Facebook Messenger. Both your computer and your mobile device can use the Messenger feature.

The Messenger App must be installed on your mobile device in order to use Messenger; there is no need to download anything on your PC. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Using Messenger has the advantage over simply messaging someone in that you can check to see if they are online before starting a chat. This may help with the problem of starting a conversation with someone via messaging and having them wait several days before responding. Who is online and who isn’t, though, is a mystery. I’ll break it down for you here.

Mobile Technology

  1. Go ahead and open your Messenger App on your device. If you are not already logged in to your profile, you will need to enter your Username and Password and tap Log in

2. Next, locate the People icon in your Menu Bar and tap it. The Menu Bar will be at the bottom of your screen on an iPhone and at the top of your screen on an Android.

3. After opening this area, you may check to see which of your friends are active on Facebook or Messenger by tapping the Active tab on your iPhone. Tap the two-headed People button at the bottom of the screen on an Android device.

Your pals who are currently online and able to read your messages right away will be listed. Even if they use Facebook, a friend or family you are trying to contact won’t appear on your list if they don’t use the Messenger programme.

  • Active Friends will have a Blue Messenger Icon next to their profile picture on iPhone.
  • On Android, Active Friends will have a Green Dot next to their profile picture

Even if a person is not online at the time, you can still send them a message.

Additionally, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to look up a certain person by entering their name.

The Computer:

Start your preferred web browser and navigate to Facebook.com. You must enter your Username and Password and click Log in to access your profile if you are not already logged in.

2. You must select the Chat button in the page’s bottom right corner.

  • The number in parenthesis next to Chat is the number of Active Friends
  • This will open a pop-up window with a list of those people

3. Next, enter the friend’s name into the Search form to send a message to them.

  • A list of results will show up; if the person has a Green Dot next to their name, they are online and able to see your message immediately
  • Just so you are aware, your friends can change their Chat Settings to show that they are Offline even if they aren t.

2. Ask Them

Asking someone if they use Messenger or the Facebook app is another method to find out. You can simply message them and ask if they’re using Facebook or the chat app to communicate. Even while the green dot also appears on Messenger, if they’re only using Facebook, you’ll be able to see that they’re not using the Messenger app.

Even if it’s impossible to know for sure if they’re talking the truth, no one will intentionally lie if they’re on Facebook or Messenger. The majority of people would be honest about it.

How to Tell If Someone is Using on Facebook

You can look at their Facebook activity to see whether they are using Facebook rather than Messenger. If you share friends, read through their posts to see if the person has liked or clicked on it to determine if they are currently using Facebook. Additionally, you may visit their profile to see if they’ve recently modified their status or have been mentioned in a post. They are using Facebook Messenger if you see that they have lately done something.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Checking Your Messenger?

There are several ways to determine if someone is checking your Messenger. You might want to find out if they visited your profile and looked at it or if they checked your Messenger and read your messages. You might question if anyone is looking at your Messenger profile, just as you might wonder if anyone is looking at your Facebook or Instagram profiles.

It is unfortunately hard to determine who has viewed your Messenger profile or looked up your name on Facebook Messenger. They won’t be able to know if you search for or look for someone on Messenger in the same way.

The same holds true for all social networking applications. Messenger won’t notify you when someone views your profile or searches for you because privacy is too crucial. If they ever made it such that users could do this, they would only let those who activated the feature see who had visited their messenger profile if that particular person had activated the feature as well. However, if someone has disabled the feature, no one will be able to tell if they’ve been searched for or who searched for them.

Check If They Read Your Message

There s a blue circle that has two check marks next to your message and this means that your message was delivered to them.
If the blue circle is filled in with a checkmark, it means that your message was delivered, and if the message was read, a small photo with your friend s messenger dp will appear next to your message to signify that it s been read.
This will let you know if they ve been checking your Messenger because they read your message. Sending them a quick message is an easy way to know that they re checking your Messenger, but it won t be as good because you know they re only checking your profile.

How to Tell If Someone is Chatting on Facebook Messenger

Because Messenger notifies you when someone is conversing, it is rather simple to tell. Facebook Messenger will let you know when someone is communicating with someone else, when that is just a text conversation, or whether that is an audio or video call, in contrast to other apps where you have to guess when someone is chatting with someone else. You can discover when someone is conversing on Messenger whether you’re using a desktop, an iPhone, or an Android device.


You must visit messenger.com to see whether anyone is conversing there. All of the open conversations with people can be seen from here. If the person you want to know if they’re conversing with isn’t here, you need to use the search option to look for their Facebook profile.

Once you’ve located them, you need to choose their name. Look for the green not next to the video icon and Active now under their name once you’ve started a discussion with them. This will reveal whether they are currently conversing on Messenger.

iPhone and Android:

You must launch Messenger if it is installed on your Android device. From here, you must find the person you want to see if they are now video chatting with someone else on Messenger.

You need to search for their name if they aren’t there and you want to see if they are on a call with someone else. You must tap it once you’ve located their profile. From here, check for the green minus sign and Active now next to the video icon and their name. This will reveal whether they are currently conversing on Messenger.

Ask Them

Asking someone if they are on Messenger is another approach to find out. You can just ask them via message if they are currently engaged in a Messenger conversation. They’ll let you know if they’re conversing with someone on the app if they are.

Even if it’s impossible to know for sure if they’re talking the truth, no one will intentionally lie if they’re on Facebook or Messenger. The majority of people would be honest about it. Additionally, the fact that they are responding to you indicates that they are conversing with you on message as seen by the fact that they are responding to you.

Asking your significant other is the greatest way to learn if they are conversing with someone on Messenger because a trustworthy spouse is more likely to tell the truth.

Ask The Person You Think They re Speaking To

Asking the person you believe they are speaking to is another approach to determine if someone is communicating on Messenger. You can message the person you believe they are conversing with and inquire, “Are you conversing with anyone on Messenger?” If they’re speaking to them, they’ll let you know that they are, and you’ll know that the particular person you’re looking for is speaking to someone on Messenger.

On the other hand, you’ll be surprised at how many people would lie because they believe telling you will land them in trouble. Of course, you’ll never be able to tell for sure if they’re telling the truth, but no one is going to go out of their way to lie if they’re speaking to someone on Messenger.

How to Know If Someone Has Messenger Installed

Ask Them If They Have Messenger

Once more, asking someone directly if they have Messenger is one approach to find out if they do. You won’t have to make any guesses, so it’s the fastest approach to find the answer, but it can also be the least accurate.

When asked if they have Messenger, someone could just lie and claim they don’t when in fact they do, but for whatever reason they chose to lie. In order to avoid appearing to be trying to get them into trouble, question them in a way that would appear trustworthy if you must.

Message Them And See If They Respond

You can tell if someone has Messenger installed if you message them on Facebook and they reply rather quickly. It is safe to assume that they used the Facebook app on their PC if they don’t reply right away. I’m talking many days. You can say with certainty that they are using Messenger if it happens within a few hours.

Ask to See Something on Their Phone

If you re with this person regularly, you can ask them to use their phone for something quick and check if they have installed the messages app. To make sure you actually have a chance of using their phone to check if they have Messenger installed, you ll need to make up a believable excuse. M

ake sure you think about this carefully depending on the person. If you don t see Messenger right away, if they have folders, go to the social media or messaging apps folder and you should see Messenger there. If you can t see Messenger, then it s safe to say that they don t have it.


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