In this article, we’ll go through every aspect of blocking someone on Grindr or getting blocked yourself, including whether it’s possible to do so secretly.

If You Block Someone on Grindr, Will They Know

They will be aware if you block them on Grindr, yes. You can no longer see each other’s profiles after blocking someone, and your communication thread will vanish on both ends. You won’t be able to text each other anymore either.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Grindr

Both you and the person you have blocked can simply know that you have done so when using Grindr.

1. The discussion you had with the person will cease completely on both ends

2. If you return to the Browse area, the person is no longer shown under the Nearby, Fresh, or Explore tabs. Nowhere will the person be able to find your profile, either.

3. Even if you were both in the conversation window when you blocked the person, you won’t be able to text each other again.

The conversation will end on your end right away. The chat may potentially cease on the other person’s end, or they may see Profile Not Available.

Please be aware that the experience when one deletes their profile is similar, making it difficult to distinguish between being banned and having an account erased.

C*ck Blocked was a once-existing app or service that allowed users to see who has blocked them on Grindr. The developer was able to access data about users who had blocked others through a weakness in the Grindr software, although Grindr later issued an update to address the gap.

There is no way for a user to determine if you genuinely blocked them or whether you deactivated your account as of the time this article was written.

Therefore, if you wish to block a user on Grindr, please follow these instructions:

1. Start a chat on Grindr with the person you want to block.

2. Select “More” from the menu in the top right corner of the screen. The vertical trio of dots is it.

3. Pick Block from the list of alternatives.

4. When requested, confirm blocking the individual.

You cannot block someone without first striking up a dialogue. Therefore, if they subscribe to Read Receipts, they may see that you have read their most recent message, making it simpler for them to determine that you have blocked them when your profile vanishes.

What Does Blocking Someone on Grindr Do

When you block someone on Grindr, you essentially erase all traces of both that person and yourself on both ends of the connection.

Neither you nor they will ever again be able to discover each other in the Browse section.

Your interactions and profile will be deleted on their end. This is a fantastic technique to keep people you no longer wish to connect with out of your personal information.

Please be aware that you can unblock the user from your preferences page, locate their profile once more in the Browse section, and resume messaging. The chats you had with them in the past before you blocked them won’t be brought back, so keep that in mind. Those are permanently lost.

Unblocking a user is as simple as:

To begin, select the Browse tab.

2. Tap the icon or your profile image in the upper left corner of the screen.

3. On the profile menu, choose Settings in the lower left corner.

4. Click Unblock Users in the Security and Privacy section of the page.

5. Next, select Unblock by tapping on the individual you wish to unblock.

6. Next, return to the Browse section and look for the user there in the Fresh or Nearby section.

How to Block Someone on Grindr Without Them Knowing

You should be aware that there is presently no way to block someone on Grindr without them knowing. Your Grindr interactions with the person you’ve blocked will end, and they won’t be able to see your profile any longer.

They would either assume that you had deleted your account or that you had blocked them. Some users lie to their Grindr friends, telling them they have cancelled their account when, in reality, they have simply blocked them in order to keep using Grindr secretly.

You can simply silence your talks with someone on Grindr by following the instructions below if you don’t want to talk to them without blocking them:

1. Click the Tab Inbox.

2. Avoid starting the discussion you want to mute. Instead, hold the button down until a menu appears.

3. Choose the Mute icon from the menu that pops up at the top of the screen (the bell with a line across it)

4. If the person texts you, you won’t get any more message alerts.

If you are concerned about any talks you had with the individual, another option you have in place of banning them is to undo the messages you sent. Simply long-press the message and choose “Unsend” to cancel sending it. Once you’ve done that, send the message again.

The Takeaway

Grindr takes special care to give its users a secure environment. For this reason, mechanisms like prohibiting screenshots of vanishing images and album content, stopping communications from being sent, and completely erasing a contact when they are blocked exist.

When you block a contact, the app ensures your privacy and security by completely deleting your profile and all conversations you had with them.

However, if you change your mind and want to start messaging them again, you still have the option to unblock the individual. The only drawback is that you’d have to search for them again in Browse and that you wouldn’t be able to access your earlier communications with them.


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