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Idea to Idea Balance Transfer code working June 2021

between ideas Code for Balance Transfer Hello everyone, I am aware that you are here after searching for a working 2021 balance transfer code on Google. I have provided some of the most effective official techniques to transfer idea balance from one idea number to another in this article.

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However, what if we wish to transfer this earned balance to another SIM, for example, from my Idea SIM to my brother’s Idea SIM? Is There A Mathematical Way To Transfer An Idea To Idea Balance? or is there a Balance Transfer Code from Idea to Idea? akin to USSD Code Yes, this post contains the answers to all of the questions you raised. first understand what a balance transfer is

between ideas Payment transfer From the word alone, we may infer that it describes the entire procedure for transferring your Idea mobile balance to another mobile number that is part of the Idea network.

For example, I can only transfer my Idea mobile balance to another Idea sim; I cannot transfer my Idea mobile balance to an Airtel sim, Vodaphone sim, Docomo sim, BSNL sim, or Aircel sim.

What about Idea To Idea Balance Transfer service charge:-


Idea to Idea Balance Transfer code

The debut of a balance transfer option for all of its prepaid clients in India was announced by the pan-India mobile service provider in India. The newest service that Idea is offering is this one. Customers of Idea can transfer their balance from Idea to Idea throughout India using this service.

And yes, transferring your balance is subject to service fees from the majority of network providers in India, including Airtel and Vodafone. Additionally, Idea Charges

  1. Go to Your Mobile DialPad and Just Dial *191#
  2. Now Select TalkTime Transfer
  3. Now Enter The Mobile Number On Which You Want to Send The Money
  4. In<Receiver s Mobile Number> where you want to send amount.
  5. Now Enter The Amount to Transfer
  6. Where 30 is balance amount and 9856964837 is the Reciever s mobile number.

Because Idea makes it incredibly simple to use this service for its consumers, as many users as possible are able to take advantage of this fantastic Idea balance transfer service. Balance transfer in IDEA is just a very quick and buttery smooth process.

Idea to Idea Balance Transfer code USSD

  • If you are getting Trouble in Above Method Follow This one.Just simple open the keypad Of Your Mobile and and enter the idea mobile balance transfer number on Which You Want To Transfer The Balance
  • The Idea balance transfer USSD code :Dial *151*your friend s number*enter the amount# how much you want to transfer.
  • Example Simple like *151*984764768*20#
  • But Again Do Remember you can send amounts like 5,10,20,50,100,150 and you can send Only 5 times/day
  • That s it now you will get a conformation message From Idea like you have transferred your balance Successfully

Idea to Idea Balance Transfer code Method 3:-

You only need to call the following USSD Code number.

  • First of All Just dial 12345 on Idea Sim card mobile Or Just Send Below Message
  • Like for example You want to send 30 Rs To Another Idea Number Then Just Do Type Below SMS in Your Mobile

SMS to 55567 following message:GIVE 98XXXXXXXX 28

  • Where 98XXXXXXXX Receivers Mobile Number
  • and send This Above Message
  • Idea will deduct Rs.2 and rest will be deposited to 98XXXXXXXX
  • You Not need to put +91

Idea to Idea Balance Transfer code Method 4:-

  • Dial *191# From Your SmartPhone
  • On Popup Just Select Answer & Click send 2 (TalkTime Transfer) Option
  • Now you Receive a Pop Up Again [Enter 10-Digit B-Party MSISDN (Idea Prepaid Haryana Only)] Here Put The IDEA Mobile Number On Which You Want to Send The Money. And Press Or Click On Answer/Send.
  • Another PopUp Will Appear & In That Put The Number Of Amount You Want To Transfer And Press Answer/Send.
  • Success !!
  • Tested Working In Haryana

Balance Transfer In Idea to Idea Conditions

  • you can only send to local idea number
  • you can send amounts like 5,10,20,50,100,150
  • you can send 5 time/day
  • it has to send in a gap of 5 min.
  • The amount will be instantly transferred to the account and service charge for facility is Rs.2
  • For more information you can also visit

Does Idea Balance Transfer has service charges?

But keep in mind that you can only send five times per day and in quantities of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, and $150.

idea Balance Transfer


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