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Earn 20 To 100 Free PayTM By Playing Aqua Ludo Referral Code

New Ludo Earning App, Aqua Ludo, Aqua Ludo Apk App, Aqua Ludo Referral Code Greetings, Coolz Readers! When you have free time, you can play on the best ludo earning apps in India and win ludo games to earn unlimited free paytm cash.

Here I am offering a brand-new verified Ludo app called Aqua Ludo App for India. One of the top Ludo earning apps in India in 2022 is Aqua Ludo. It is the most fascinating game that offers instant withdrawals as well as the opportunity to earn money in real-time. One of the first game companies in India was called Aqua Ludo.

You can choose a board with two players or four players. Find friends by sharing the table code with one of our WhatsApp groups. You can play games and add money to your wallet. Utilize the internet to play Ludo in the challenge mode to connect with strangers from around the globe.

In addition to being a dice game, Aqua Ludo Apk App is also a highly strategic game that requires forward preparation and a game plan. Around-the-clock competitions and 1v1 matches are available. On Aqua Ludo, there are various ways to win rewards. Use the Aqua Ludo Apk App Refer Get Option to invite your relatives and friends to the app and earn rewards each time they do.

Aqua Ludo App Referral Code :

Aqua Ludo App Referral Code 94DU5BGU
APK Download Download
Sign Up Bonus 10
Referral Bonus 10

Earn 20 To 100 Free PayTM By Playing Aqua Ludo Referral Code :

1. To begin, you must download the Aqua Ludo Apk app from either their website or the URL provided below.

2. Download Aqua Ludo Apk, open the new Ludo app, and accept the terms.

3. Select “Sign Up” from the menu, then enter your username, email address, mobile number, and password.

4. To receive a free sign-up bonus, you must enter the Aqua Ludo app referral code.

Aqua Ludo App Referral Code is 94DU5BGU

5. Check your dashboard after verifying your cellphone number with an OTP.

6. You will receive a 10 sign-up bonus that you may use to play any game and win using as deposit cash in your wallet.

7. You may play online games with friends and the computer without the need for coins.

8. You can share your Aqua Ludo App referral code with others and receive 10 for every successful referral. You can also use that referral to play.

9. I’m going to show your guys my Aqua Ludo App payment proof right here. The video is below.

10. The PayTM Wallet or Bank UPI has a $100 minimum withdrawal requirement. You have two withdrawals every day.

How to Play in Aqua Ludo App?

  1. First of all just Download AquaLudo App using the above posted referral code of Aqua ludo to earn signup bonus
  2. Then Register your self with mobile number or mail id
  3. Verify the account with OTP
  4. Add Fund You can play with signup bonus but to win bigger amount , you need to Add fund to your wallet
  5. Join Group and start playing You can opt for 2 players or 4 players board. Share Table code to one of our whatsapp group and find friend from global.
  6. Redeem the earning in Bank account Via UPI or direct bank transfer

How to Play Game & Earn Money In Aqua Ludo App :

By using the Aqua Ludo App to play Ludo, you may win cash. To learn how to play Ludo, read the steps listed in the strategy section below.

  • To begin, select Online.
  • Decide how much you want to wager.
  • then select Play.
  • Your game will begin, and you ll play it through to completion.
  • Your winnings will ultimately be put in your Wallet if you win that game.
  • which you can take out whenever you want from your bank or Paytm account.

How To Withdraw From Aqua Ludo Apk App? :

1. Launch Aqua Ludo Apk and select the wallet icon in the top right corner.

2. In the Aqua Ludo App, you can view your Total Wallet Balance, Winning Balance, Deposit Balance, and Bonus Balance.

3. To redeem your Aqua Ludo winning balance, click the Withdrawal button.

4. When prompted, enter your bank information (or your UPI address) and click Continue.

5. Enter the desired withdrawal amount and press the “Continue” button.

6. Your Aqua Ludo Payment and Aqua Ludo Withdrawal will be deposited immediately into your Bank Account.

7. You may only withdraw the amount of your winnings from your bank account.

8. You can play Ludo games using your winning balance in coins.

Aqua Ludo Apk Features :

  • Monthly Challenges : Play Ludo in the challenge mode using the internet and get the opportunity to connect with random people from all over the world.
  • 2 to 4 Players : Multiplayer mode allows 2 to 6 people play Ludo at a time depending on the application.
  • Play vs Computer : No coin or want more play they no worry play with computers.
  • Play with friends : Local mode allows you to play Ludo with your friends and family. you can find opponent from global.
  • Aqua Ludo Refer and Win : you refer and earn as much you refer to your friends you will make more Prizes.
  • Play and Win : Aqua Ludo provide the functionality of playing the game on board.

Aqua Ludo App Details :-

The most thrilling game is Aqua Ludo because you may immediately withdraw your winnings and earn money in real time.

Not only is it a dice game, but it’s also very strategic, requiring advance planning and a strong game plan.

Every day, tens of thousands of players sign up for Aqua Ludo to unlock their inner hero.

They improve your gaming experience by giving you access to a variety of tournaments and 1v1 fights that are ongoing.

All day long, all you have to do is interact, compete, and win prizes! When a tournament’s results are announced, the winners can immediately redeem their prize with upi or bank.

Do you lack the resources necessary to play Aqua Ludo? You can earn real money through the Aqua Ludo referral programme, so don’t be concerned. By taking part in this programme, you will have the chance to promote your Aqua Ludo Referral code 94DU5BGU and earn real money.

Both of you will be awarded a prize of ten rupees for successfully completing the registration process if a friend or member of your family registers for the game using your Aqua Ludo suggest code. Use your bonus money to bet, and when you win, convert it into real money so you may withdraw it from your bank account.

Aqua Ludo Customer Care Details :-

Office Address : 8,14 Sardamoni Park, Bansdhroni, Kolkata, West Bengal. 700070
Email address : [email protected]
Contact Number : 9304135836

Aqua Ludo FAQ s :

How Can I Withdraw Funds From The Aqua Ludo App?

Answer: Go to your wallet and click the Withdraw button to withdraw money. Just click the Withdraw button, enter your bank information or UPI ID, and you’re done!

A: The Aqua Ludo App’s minimum withdrawal is: One hundred rupees is the minimum withdrawal amount from Aqua Ludo.

A: The minimum deposit amount for the Aqua Ludo app is $1. You can fund your Aqua Ludo account using any of the following methods: CC/DC/Wallets and UPI. The bare minimum is ten rupees.

You are welcome to play in this app since the Aqua Ludo app is a gaming programme that is 100% safe and secure.


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